About Us

Your hosts: Tom and BJ

Tom and BJ Gray grew up in the area you will hunt in. Tom has hunted this areas since the early 1970’s. He started a reindeer herd in the early 1980’s which put Tom in rural Alaska year around. In the mid 1990’s, the herd crashed (today we have 100+ reindeer) and he decided to put his efforts into fishing and hunting. The huntung lodge began as an Alaskan subsistence camp. This has kept us in the Alaskan country all of our lives.

 Alaskan subsistence camp at sunset

Home-Cooked Meals Included

BJ (Toms wife of 29 years) is your hostess and will be doing all the cooking. Aside from keeping the hunting camp in line she found time to raise 3 kids. They have raised our family during the summer at the camp you will be at. Now their grandchildren spend time with them at the camp.

Home cooked meals at the Fishing LodgeTheir home started as an Alaskan subsistence camp and has evolved to include some fishing and hunting there during the summer. They still do the subsistence fish cutting and such, but with bear hunt guiding wrapped around it.Eskimo with Grayling

Through the seasons they gather native foods in the Eskimo tradition. In the summer they pick greens, berries and cut dry fish. In the Fall, there is moose and seal hunting. They make native foods out of all they catch. In the winter, they harvest king crab though the ice with crap pots. They put a couple muskox in the freezer by March. Spring brings us into seal hunting again.

They will share a slice of our life with you while you are staying at the Alaskan Northwest Adventures Camp.